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Shipping & Delivery

What is the shipping method?

By default, B2BORDER’s shipping method is “DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) to Destination Port” which the goods will be delivered directly to the Buyer’s designated destination port. Goods shall be collected by the Buyer from the container yard for Full Load Container (FLC) or from our forwarder’s warehouse near the port for Less than a Container Load (LCL).

How long it takes to deliver?

Sea freight shipping takes around 30 days to arrive in North America. Air freight takes 3-7 days only. Shipping time may vary depends on your designated loading port and holidays season.

Do I have other shipping options?

B2BORDER strives to provide most effective and economical shipping solutions to our customer. By default, B2BORDER will quote you with sea freight shipping method. If you wish to ship via air freight due to time issue, please indicate in the description column in Quote cart and we will provide you the cost details accordingly in the quotation.

You may choose the following two shipping options according to your cargo volume, weight and value.
Sea Freight Shipping: This default option is highly recommended for larger and heavier shipment, and it does not need to be delivered within days. Normally sea freight shipping may take around 30 days to reach the destination port in North America. It’s often much cheaper to send via sea freight.

Air Freight Shipping: This option should be used when your shipment is smaller and high in value, and you need it immediately within few days. Normally it takes 3-7 days to reach you in North America. It’s often more expensive than sea freight option,but when your shipment is smaller, the difference between the rates also gets smaller and sometimes sending shipments via air freight is less expensive as compared to sea freight.

Can you deliver door to door?

Yes, we provide All-In-One services that taking care of everything you need. We can quote you according to door to door delivery service. Please clearly indicate your request in the description column in Quote cart.

Please be noted that B2BORDER always quote with the optimized shipping solution in order to save your cost and time. The most economical way is that you collect your goods from the destination port container yard (for FCL) or from our forwarder’s warehouse near the port (for LCL).

What is DDP terms and do I need to do custom clearance by myself?

DDP – Delivered Duty Paid is an International Commercial Term.
In this term, B2BORDER is responsible for delivering the goods to the destination port in the country of the buyer, and pays all costs in bringing the goods to the destination including import duties and taxes. The buyer should just collect the goods from the port’s container yard (for FLC) or from our forwarder’s warehouse near to port (for LCL).

B2BORDER helps you to do all customs clearance procedure includes handling of customs inspection if it occurs. So you save the hassles to deal with customs and can concentrate on your business.

How do I track my order?

B2BORDER will send you a shipment confirmation email when your goods are loaded on board stating the tracking number, sea cargo carrier name or airlines name, as well as the tracking procedure. B2BORDER will notify the buyer for his/her shipment arrival around 7 days in advance.
Buyers can always track shipment status with Bill of Landing number or Container Number via third party platform such as http://www.seacargotracking.net.

For Air freight tracking, please log in to the Airlines webpage and track the status with the Waybill Number.

When should I pick up my cargo?

B2BORDER is responsible to ship the purchased goods to the pickup port only with import duty paid. Buyers shall pickup the goods at his/her own cost after receiving the shipment arrival notification.

The goods will be held at the pickup port’s container yard or forwarder’s warehouse without charge for:

  • 48 hours (for Full Container Load cargo) in container yard; and/or
  • 5 Working Days (for Less Than Container Load cargo) in forwarder’s warehouse

Please pickup your cargo within the above-mentioned time or additional storage cost will be imposed.