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Why Source From B2Border.com

Lowest Sourcing Cost
You order directly from global manufacturers in FOB price. We offer you the lowest shipping price and customs clearance cost. You only pay 5-10% commission fee. All breakdown costs are the lowest. No need to pay high cost to distributors, B2border helps you save 50-70% sourcing cost.
All-in-one Service
We offer online information, offline showroom, local sample, global shipping, customs clearance, local shipping, and quality guarantee. You just pay and pick up at your local port. No need to fly abroad for product searching, No need to worry shipping and customs clearance. B2border does everything for you.
Local showroom & sample
We offer local showroom like the exhibition you attended, but in free entrance and without high travelling expenses. If you are far away, you can order the sample online. You can check samples offline, study detailed information online, and discuss with manufacturers directly, B2border makes you more efficient.

Zero Customs Risk
We take charge of customs clearance. We consolidate thousands of shipping together and take professional customs broker. If a new importer, you have to afford high inspection fee from customs. Now even charges incurred by customs, we will pay it. B2border takes all risks for customs clearance.
Zero Payment Risk
You pay domestically, zero risk. You can pay to B2border via check, money order, wiring, easy and simple. You don’t need to make the complicated and high cost international payment and afford huge risks. We can guarantee your goods receiving. B2border offers you zero risk for payment.
Quality Guarantee
You can protect yourself in three business days after receiving. We will hold suppliers 50% payment for protection of your interest. You can submit and defend from the proof of offline sample, online information, online discussion, and final quotation. B2border treasures customer’s interest as priority.