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About B2Border.com

B2Border.com is a revolutionary wholesale E-Commerce platform with millions of supplies directly from manufacturers around the world. Our omni-channel B2B marketplace is dedicated to providing a simple and cost efficient integration solution that helps small to medium sized businesses to ease their global procurement and sourcing hassles.
With our headquarter and showroom located in North America, you could easily check product samples and determine the quality at your front door, order online anytime, anywhere and pay domestically via various payment method without international transaction risks.
Lowest Sourcing Cost: You order directly from global makers
The suppliers on B2Border.com offer the global lowest price; the price that you see will be the final contract cost for FOB. We only add our commission fee and shipping cost/duty on it. Our commission fee is also much lower than other sourcing companies. You also enjoy much lower shipping costs and no risks.
All-in-one Service: You just pay and pickup at your local port
We make global sourcing very easy just like you buy in the local store. You check the product on our website or local showroom, and ask the Quotation. Once you paid, the goods will be delivered to your local port with customs cleared. We take charge of the global shipping and everything; you enjoy being absolutely hassle-free.
Lowest Shipping Cost: N suppliers, but one custom clearance fee
You can order from more than one supplier for one order and we will combine them together before the shipping resulting with only one time export and import customs clearance fee. This will reduce your shipping fee tremendously. Moreover, the fee we get is much lower than what you get from the market, so you save a lot for shipping.
Zero Customs Risk: We take charge of customs clearance
All the goods are transacted locally with customs cleared. We will take the customs clearance risk because we are the giants and have good experience. If you are a newcomer for global sourcing, you will risk 100% customs clearance and pay very high for that, but now, it is at zero risks and zero fees.
Zero Payment Risk: You pay domestically, zero risk
All the goods are transacted locally, and you make the payment to our domestic company. You don’t need to take international payment and transaction risk. You also don’t need to pay high costs for international transaction. All your payments are domestic.
Quality Guarantee: We offer QC free and exchangeable service
We will make Quality Check before the shipping to guarantee the goods are the same as your order on the website. When you receive the goods, you can ask for exchange for improper situation. In this way, you can minimize the global sourcing risks and enjoy the lowest cost.